Turret Clock

A turret clock or tower clock is a clock designed to be mounted high in the wall of a building, usually in a clock tower, in public buildings such as churches, university buildings, and town halls. As a public amenity to enable the community to tell the time, it has a large face visible from far away, and often a striking mechanism which rings bells upon the hours.

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PT. Yasa Persada Dewantara is clock solution provider for various kind of Clock-Watch, Equipment, Clock Parts with target markets to Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Singaphore, China.

Kami melayani pembuatan jam besar / jam big-ben jenis indoor atau outdoor, serta sanggup pemasangan ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia juga ke luar negeri khususnya negara Malaysia, Brunei, Timor-Leste.

Pengalaman proyek pembangunan jam besar kami meliputi: jam menara masjid, jam menara gereja, jam besar di museum, jam taman kota, jam gadang, jam stasiun kereta, jam bandara, dll.

Clock Tower History

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The Rajabai Clock Tower was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, an English architect. He modeled it on Big Ben in London.

The foundation stone was laid on 1 March 1869 and construction was completed in November 1878. The total cost of construction came to 200,000, a princely sum in those days. This entire cost was defrayed by Premchand Roychand, a prosperous broker who founded the Bombay Stock Exchange on the condition that the tower be named after his mother Rajabai.

Premchand Roychand's mother was blind and as a staunch follower of Jain religion she was supposed to consume her dinner before evening. The evening bell of the tower helped her to know the time without anyone's help.

The tower was closed to the public after it became a frequent spot for those attempting to commit suicide.

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